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How To Conduct Effective Virtual Design Sprints

Posted by Interaction Design Team on April 21, 2020 8 min read

Authors: Elisa Goyeneche, Nicole Btesh, and William Wells — Interaction Designers (Ux / Ui)

Coronavirus Adds New Opportunity For Distributed Design Teams To Go Virtual

Even before coronavirus isolated us from our software product team members, UX designers at ITX Corp. created a guide for translating the design sprint process to a virtual environment. Our already-distributed workforce has enjoyed using the virtual design sprint for months. And they’re confident its value will outlive the pandemic that inspired its expanded use.

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Lead By Design - ITX UX 2018: Beyond the Pixels

Posted by Interaction Design Team on October 10, 2018 in categoryUser Experience 4 min read

ITX UX 2018: Beyond the Pixels - Finding meaning in human problems to create more inspiring user experiences.

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