Jobs to Be Done...Continuously

People buy products and services when they find themselves with a job they need done. With a better understanding of the jobs customers are trying to do, companies can more accurately develop products to fit their needs. 

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Security by Default Creates Predictable Outcomes (Hint: They're Secure!)

Security by Default

Fully assuming best security practices in the first sprint of development, ensures an application is secure by default. 

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Connect: Creating a mission statement for your software product

Posted by Sean Flaherty on October 21, 2016 in categoryStrategycategoryPredictable Software Development

A simple and clear mission that people can sign up for is a critical component of a software product’s success.
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The Continuous Innovation Mindset

Companies that adopt this mindset and make it a part of their operating principles can gain and maintain a significant competitive advantage over those that maintain a fixed mindset.
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Agile Adoption- Process and Tools Aren't Enough: Post 3 of 5

To make an agile process work, it isn’t just a process change or new tools or techniques. You have to change your thinking and the culture within which you are working.
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