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How To Design Secure Systems That Support Remote Teams

Posted by Jonathan Coupal on June 09, 2020 7 min read

If you’re concerned about security now that your team is working remotely, you’ve been doing it wrong.

Even as the economy slowly reopens, the global coronavirus pandemic is forcing many businesses to ask employees to continuing to work from home. While system security is always a top priority, a number of clients have only recently shared their security concerns now that their folks are working remotely.

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Vitals Update App Creates Hope Through Innovation

Posted by Marketing Team on May 07, 2020 4 min read

High Tech Joins Healthcare in the Fight Against Coronavirus

Authors: LeAnn Zumwalt and Peter Sullivan

With the launch of the Vitals Update app, everyone at ITX Corp. is so incredibly proud to take a stand in the fight against novel coronavirus. We developed the Vitals Update software solution to enable healthcare professionals to monitor potential COVID-19 cases while patients report their symptoms from quarantine.

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How To Conduct Effective Virtual Design Sprints

Posted by Interaction Design Team on April 21, 2020 8 min read

Authors: Elisa Goyeneche, Nicole Btesh, and William Wells — Interaction Designers (Ux / Ui)

Coronavirus Adds New Opportunity For Distributed Design Teams To Go Virtual

Even before coronavirus isolated us from our software product team members, UX designers at ITX Corp. created a guide for translating the design sprint process to a virtual environment. Our already-distributed workforce has enjoyed using the virtual design sprint for months. And they’re confident its value will outlive the pandemic that inspired its expanded use.

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Business Leaders Must Navigate Digital Transformation To Survive

Posted by Fred Beer on April 01, 2020 5 min read

Coronavirus Signals Need for Rapid, Lasting Societal Change

As I write this, I am closing out week three of the coronavirus lockdown across New York State. We’re all focused on the immediate impacts, and rightly so. But business leaders can ill afford to overlook the more profound, longer-lasting systemic changes.

Among them is our society’s readiness to accept, let alone embrace, the speed of technological evolution. Throughout human history, our resistance to change has delayed technological expansion and adoption.

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