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Agile Adoption- Process and Tools Aren't Enough: Post 3 of 5

To make an agile process work, it isn’t just a process change or new tools or techniques. You have to change your thinking and the culture within which you are working.
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Pokémon GO is a Minimal Viable Product

How a Minimal Viable Product helps both your company and your users.
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Who’s on First: Finding a quality IT hosting partner

Follow this formula so you don't get your wires crossed about your hosting arrangements.
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Agile Development Principles: Post 2 of 5

Agile development is grounded in principles. These principles guide how things are done and are more important than processes and procedures.
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Simple Tips For How To Write Acceptance Criteria

Posted by John Roets on June 24, 2016 in categoryPredictable Software DevelopmentcategorySoftware Quality 4 min read

Substitute A Checklist for Given-When-Then Approach

Effectively tackling any writing assignment requires you to know your audience. It’s no different when you’re learning how to write acceptance criteria. Some readers will need a bit of hand-holding through the process; others will rather you just get to the point.

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