Clear as Mud

Posted by Peter Ryckaert on February 05, 2015 in categoryStrategycategoryPredictable Software Development

Clear as mud, a comment is usually made out of confusion and frustration. In today’s complex IT world, clarity, and the ability to produce it, are the foundations of predictable success.

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What in the World is Software Product Backlog Grooming?

Posted by Christine Rosica on January 13, 2015 in categoryStrategycategoryPredictable Software Development

A primer on backlog grooming that will improve the quality of every sprint.
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The 4 Top Trends in Product Development to Watch in 2015

Posted by Fred Beer on January 08, 2015 in categoryStrategycategoryUser Experience

Are you a product manager that is responsible for a web or mobile product? Here are the top 4 product development trends that you can't ignore in 2015.
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Passwords Can’t Protect Your Private Information

Posted by Jonathan Coupal on January 02, 2015 in categorySoftware Quality categoryComprehensive Support

The integrity of your business relies on having safe and secure web and mobile applications. What are you doing to protect your assets?
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Why Software has Bugs

Miscommunications between software engineers and business people are one of the biggest reasons for software bugs. Read more to find out how to combat this issue.
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