Gender Balance in Tech – Hope for the Future

Posted by Claire Pickhardt on August 16, 2019 4 min read

As a woman in tech, I rarely discuss my work with other women in my social spheres. This is by choice, as I grow weary of hearing the same phrase over and over: “I could never do what you do.”

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ITX Product Momentum Podcast – Episode 14: Taking Product Design Beyond Today’s Conventions

Posted by Peter Sullivan on July 24, 2019 5 min read

The common understanding is that to be successful in today’s digital environment designers need to solve problems while building products that people want and need to use. While that may be the core of it, it’s only the core. There’s so much more to it. When we talk about interaction design, designing software products, and today’s rapidly emerging next-gen experiences, designers now need to think about what it means to learn, to adapt, and to change.

In this episode, Sean and Joe chat with Tim Wood. Tim wears a couple hats these days, one as Professor of Industrial Design and Interactive Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), the other as Design and User Experience Innovation Lead at Corning Inc. Playing in both sandboxes gives Tim the opportunity to engage in the private sector while peering beyond the horizon through the lens of higher education.

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Product Conference Ignites Momentum in Software Product Community

Posted by Peter Sullivan on June 28, 2019 3 min read

As markets shift with end user needs and preferences, product people respond. The pace at which problems are solved is exceeded only by the next round of challenges that rush in to replace them. This unrelenting cycle generates two kinds of momentum: first, at the micro level, product teams generate momentum by aligning around a Vision and Roadmap that are brought to life by Motivated teams who have the Capability to solve complex technology problems.


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7 Tips for Driving Clarity Through Better E-mail Communication

Posted by Lisa Daly Lehmann on June 27, 2019 5 min read

According to a recent  McKinsey study, highly skilled workers spend an average of 28 percent of their work week reading and responding to e-mails, but give very little time to thinking about how to make their e-mail communications more effective.

This is a waste.

Why? Clear e-mail communication saves time and energy that could be better used elsewhere. Instead of wasting time drafting and decoding confusing, lackluster e-mails, colleagues can focus on serving their organization’s mission.

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ITX Product Momentum Podcast – Episode 13: Product Design Driving Positive Behaviors

Posted by Peter Sullivan on June 07, 2019 4 min read

Product people possess the creative and ethical wherewithal to persuade users to behave in ways that materially improve their lives – using our powers for good. The secret is to understand that, if we want to connect our product’s use to a repetitive consumer habit, we must identify the internal trigger that drives consumer behavior. Understanding this crucial piece can explain how software products become so habit forming.

In this episode, Sean and Joe chat with Nir Eyal, keynote speaker at ITX’s Product Momentum: Beyond the Features product conference (June 19-21), whose work on Behavioral Design has brought him and us to the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. The goal of his work is to help product people design the products and services that consumers want to use and that drive positive, habit-forming behaviors. Nir combines a gift for observation with an uncanny awareness to convert life experiences into problem statements that ultimately lead to research, learning, and discovery.

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