The Continuous Innovation Mindset

Companies that adopt this mindset and make it a part of their operating principles can gain and maintain a significant competitive advantage over those that maintain a fixed mindset.
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Agile Adoption- Process and Tools Aren't Enough: Post 3 of 5

To make an agile process work, it isn’t just a process change or new tools or techniques. You have to change your thinking and the culture within which you are working.
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Pokémon GO is a Minimal Viable Product

How a Minimal Viable Product helps both your company and your users.
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Sometimes the Past Should be Left in the Past

Posted by Sheila Herbert on August 02, 2016 in categoryStrategycategoryUser ExperiencecategorySoftware Quality

Don't let the fear of being disruptive in your market hold you back from continuing to grow.
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Who’s on First: Finding a quality IT hosting partner

Follow this formula so you don't get your wires crossed about your hosting arrangements.
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