Rochester, NY. Oct 3-5

On Human-Centered Design

ITX hosted its 2nd annual 3-day design conference in Rochester, NY, on October 3-5. Jam-packed workshops, networking, and keynote talks, the conference stressed awareness of users as diverse humans

ITXUX2019: Beyond the Pixels Event Hall filled with attendees during one off the Keynotes Presentations

ITX UX 2019: Beyond the Pixels design conference discussed how we can and should embrace the idea that product design can be guided and evaluated based on its ethical impact on human users. When we do, we may well change the trajectory of the industry’s future design efforts and achievements

Kim Goodwin about to give her keynote presentation at ITX UX 2019 ITX UX 2019 Event Hall filled with attendees raising their hands to be ready to participate ITX UX 2019 Speaker while chatting with attendees during one of the networking breaks ITX UX 2019: Beyond the Pixels Event Hall filled with attendees applauding. Jeff Gothelf during his ITX UX 2019 Keynote Presentation Guest Speaker Miguel Cardona giving his presentation at ITX UX 2019 conference hall

In bringing together thought leaders, designers, and product people, ITX’s goal was to ignite exciting new conversations about what design can – and should – become, while gaining insights from industry leaders and each other about how we tackle tomorrow’s design challenges today. Mission accomplished!

Key Takeaways by Speaker

Kim Goodwin, keynote speaker at ITX UX 2019, Rochester, NY

"Good decisions require diverse decision makers."

Kim Goodwin explored the direct connection between organizational objectives and the design systems we create to deliver on them. She called on decision makers and designers alike to understand how decision and design systems create the world we humans experience. The choices we make reflect larger systems at play – culturally, socially, and ethically – and we must remain aware of our enormous responsibility to choose wisely to implement decisions that advance our society.

Jeff Gothelf, keynote speaker at ITX UX 2019, Rochester, NY

“If you work on a team that changes priorities based on learning, you're agile."

Jeff Gothelf examined the roles that UX design and product development play in creating the technology solutions that improve users’ lives. As he laid the foundation for his argument, we came to realize that design and product development are neither the problem nor the solution! The organization must shift as it adapts to today’s realities. Only by shifting from a culture of delivery to a culture of learning will we find long-term success.

Miguel Cardona, keynote speaker at ITXUX2019, Rochester, NY

"As a measure of ethical design: would you be proud to explain to users how you're using their data."

As designers, Miguel Cardona says, we must examine the micro-decisions that lead to the intentionality behind our designs. Begin in the “error space,” assuming the perspective that something is wrong. And then ask whether our efforts are benefiting our human users? Or perhaps some other stakeholder. This self-assessment will guide our future work from sympathy to empathy to compassion. The foundation of ethical design.

Great Minds Came Together

ITX UX 2019 Panel Discussion and Q&A

Kim Goodwin, Jeff Gothelf, and Miguel Cardona were joined by Matt Bernius, design anthropologist and Lead Experience Researcher at Measures for Justice, and Hye-Jin Nae, assistant professor of New Media Design at Rochester Institute of Technology. Facilitated by local creative Shaun Dunwoody, the conference concluded with a dynamic panel discussion focused on designers’ unique responsibility for asking important questions of our users and making human-centered decisions that influence our industry and society in positive ways. Encouraged by thought-provoking leaders on the dais, and the wisdom of designers and product people in the audience, all in attendance departed Beyond the Pixels 2019 inspired to innovate.

ITX-UX-2019 Group Photo

Two attendees Networking during one of the breaks Attendees networking at the end of the event Guest speaker Hye-Jin Nae chatting with attendees



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