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Sean Flaherty

Sean knows all about innovation, strategy, entrepreneurship, and technology. He is constantly pushing the limit on what is possible and is passionate about helping businesses inspire their customers' experiences.


What workshop attendees are saying about Sean:

“In four years of Vistage this was by far the best speaker for me. His content was unique, real world, and immediately useable without needing to do further studying. I would like to hear all his talks.”

“Sean seems to have created an ingenious process that clearly guides one through the complex world of user experiences in software product development. His attention to detail and mastery of the subject matter effectively aligned and purposed our entire team. It became quite evident that we are gaining far more than some intellectual property for our company but a critical partnership.”

“Sean Flaherty brings a depth of knowledge to the technology/marketing workshop that was a game-changer for our company. He not only helped us define our technology roadmap, which was previously a major hurdle for our company, but his approach applied to the rest of our company also. We will always look to Sean to help us stay effective and efficient as we build our company. I've been in the strategic planning space for 30 years and found what he brings to be special. “

“Sean put together one of the most amazing visual content conceptualization workshops I have ever been to. Everything has a purpose and there is so much good madness to his methods. He walked the whole group through finding out exactly where we want to start using inspired information from each member. It’s truly fascinating and extremely valuable for any company looking to have a very solid successful launch of a software project! Thank you so much Sean! “

Sean Flaherty

Executive Vice President, Innovation

Sean Flaherty is the EVP of Innovation at ITX Corp., a software product design and development firm with headquarters in Rochester, NY and U.S. office locations in Portland, OR; Cincinnati, OH; and Tulsa, OK. The ITX® team includes more than 250 artists and engineers spanning seven countries, so its impact is truly global.

Sean started building software products at 11 years of age on his 8-Bit Commodore Vic-20, and he hasn’t stopped since. After studying aviation electronics and working on F-14 Tomcats in the Navy, Sean explored the world of molecular genetics at the University of Rochester, where he went on to earn his MBA from the Simon Business School, and now chairs the School’s alumni board. He has spent the majority of his 22-year career in the industry building inspiring software products in collaboration with ITX’s amazing clients.

He is privileged to lead the team that is ITX – a passionate collection of technologists and artists who inspire him every day with their innovative spirit and client-first approach. ITX is pioneering the way that software products are conceived, designed, and developed, creating best practices for startups and Fortune 100 companies alike. Together with their client-partners, ITX continually challenges technology’s capacity to create positive change in the world through inspiring software products.

Sean is an “innovation evangelist” and speaks frequently on the subject at industry conferences around the world. He also engages business leaders in the more intimate one-day innovation workshops, in which he uses everyday examples to reveal his theories in action. Sean brings a unique perspective to all businesses through the lens of entrepreneurial high tech, organizational leadership, and the science of human motivation.

His talks help business leaders convert some of the most important, yet intangible, aspects of their businesses into tangible and measurable performance indicators that will guide their teams. He has codified the creation of powerful visions for our firm that will help us motivate our teams and create more powerful innovations every day.

Eager to expand ITX’s thought leadership footprint, Sean also engages industry experts in the monthly Product Momentum podcast with co-host Joe Hoffend, ITX’s Director of Product Innovation. Through the podcast, Sean and Joe discuss exciting new insights and share specifics about how to create the digital products people actually want.  Sean has also authored many articles and thought leadership pieces on this and other topics. Experience the world through Sean’s eyes by visiting his blogs on and Medium.

Where's Sean Headed Next?

There are no events to show.

Recent Speaking Engagements

  • East Meets West Technology Conference: Honolulu, HI
  • American Marketing Association: Cleveland, OH
  • Connect: Girona, Spain
  • Hawaii Visitors Bureau Conference: Honolulu, HI
  • Integrated Marketing Summit: Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • TechTarget Technology Summit: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Integrated Marketing Summit: Kansas City, Missouri
  • American Marketing Association: Rochester, NY
  • Pathways Conference: Rochester, NY
  • Founder's Institute: New York, NY
  • Blue Startups: Honolulu, HI
  • Launchpad: Rochester, NY
  • Integrated Marketing Summit: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • DemandGen: Atlanta, Georgia
  • DemandGen: Boston, Massachusetts
  • American Marketing Association: Honolulu, HI
  • DemandGen: St. Louis, Missouri

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Sean's Strategy Workshop

Imagine developing a technology product innovation plan for you software application in a single, focused day. Then, imagine having your entire leadership team aligned and motivated to create an executable roadmap in that same day that you can start on tomorrow. Our Product Innovation Workshop does just that - creates alignment, confidence, and commitment around a vision to help develop a long-term roadmap for your product. Ready to get your team unified and motivated about your technology?

Interested in having Sean facilitate a workshop or speak at your event?