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ITX specializes in the development of software products that help our clients to differentiate themselves, build brand loyalty in their users and ultimately earn brand advocacy. We are a team of experts that are determined to help you creatively solve your challenging technology problems with enduring solutions that strive for the highest quality standards.

Once your system has been designed and architected, our agile-inspired software delivery process and tools have been fine tuned to ensure that we deliver your products in the 5 following ways:

  • We ensure that we have clarity around the product’s vision, features and path at every step in the project.
  • We provide a steady, regular output of high quality, complete components.
  • We are committed to creating a smooth journey for you and a communication structure that minimizes anxiety and optimizes your confidence in the product throughout the project.
  • We steward your resources and do our best to ensure that every penny spent on technology is maximized.
  • We ultimately ensure that we are all proud of the product that we created together.

Here are a few examples of the types of software products that we build:

  • Web utilities and applications that empower customer relationships and build brand advocacy
  • Custom online, mobile and cloud based applications
  • Expert calculators and product configurators that solve complex engineering problems
  • Customer portals, social communities and engagement platforms
  • Intranets that engage, motivate, reward and empower employees
  • Extranets that deliver valuable solutions to vendors and partners
  • Enterprise e-commerce systems that engage and drive customer advocacy
  • API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) that are focused on the developer experience

While we do try our best to remain solution agnostic and focus on the needs of the business, we tend to favor the Microsoft development stack because of the world-class support and immense business ecosystem that surrounds it. We have deep experience with the following platforms:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • HTML5 and most of the modern Javascript Libraries including Sencha, AngularJS and many others.
  • PhoneGap for Cross Platform Mobile Development
  • Native iOS and Android Development
  • REST (Representative State Transfer)/ JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) API (Application Programming Interface) Development
  • …And many others