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As technology is constantly evolving and changing, most businesses are struggling to decide which new channel is the right one for their business. With so many opportunities to explore, like mobile, social, and location-based offerings, the clever use of technology needs to be a differentiator for your business.

One Day Strategy Workshop

ITX’s One Day Strategy Workshop is engineered to help you determine how to properly steward your organization’s resources into solutions that will propel you to success. Our methodology for generating product and technology roadmaps is grounded in over 15 years of research. No single technology fits all businesses and we are determined to find the solution that is best for your organization.

Throughout the workshop, we work our way through various creative exercises that produce exciting new insights into your business. We are not done until all the participants are aligned with the roadmap that we created together. You will be surprised by the technology solutions that we can make available and the impact they will have on your organization.

What We Cover in the Workshop

  • Review your business strategy
  • Review the competitive landscape
  • Identify every stakeholder
  • Determine and prioritize your business drivers
  • Brainstorm strategic initiatives
  • Prioritize strategic initiatives

Workshop Results

  • Elegantly and quickly surface the key technology issues that your organization is facing
  • Clarify the underlying organizational concerns
  • Align, unify and motivate each stakeholder around the prioritization of your technology investments
  • Ensure that each participant’s input, including issues and concerns, are addressed

Let’s discuss the needs of your market, understand how to influence your customers and get your team aligned with a technology roadmap.