Mobile Application


The Project

5LINX, a Rochester based multi-level marketing company, was looking to build their my5LINX mobile application that would provide their representatives with the information of their Virtual Office Website at the palm of their hand. 5LINX representatives are reliant on an internal Virtual Office to manage their sales pipelines, communicate with team members, understand their promotional goals and generate reports regarding sales numbers, rankings and 

team information. This platform was only accessible via Desktop devices and was not formatted properly for mobile.

Understanding the importance of providing their representatives with applications that are a joy to use, 5LINX knew they needed to define an efficient mobile technology roadmap and subsequently design and develop a world-class mobile application.


In November 2013, 5LINX decision makers engaged ITX Corp to develop a strategic technology roadmap that aligned their decision makers regarding their new mobile application's functionality. After completing the exercises within ITX's One Day Strategy Workshop, we identified the strategic initiative to create a 5LINX mobile application that was engaging, autonomous, built competence and most importantly, a joy to use. The group collectively agreed that efficient and intuitive navigation and access to information was a priority while also implementing gamification tactics to promote representative activity through badging, rewards and leaderboards.

The Design

Before this project was implemented, ITX's Design team focused on creating user experiences that inspire through design. We created an intuitive off-canvas navigation menu so that representatives have the ability to drill deeper into various categories for additional information, reports and news. The sleek and modern design

promotes workability in which it takes the desired content from the 5LINX Virtual Office and displays it on a mobile device that is easily assessable for all representatives. This design makes the app a joy to use and is truly worthy of the 5LINX brand.

The Implementation

The my5LINX application was developed on a high performance framework, which allowed for smooth transitions when launching Andriod and iOS versions of this application. With a solid framework anchoring this application, 5LINX stakeholders are able to provide their representatives with superior user experiences that promote usability and workability.


The Results

In April of 2014, at the 5LINX National Event in Miami, version 1.1 of the my5LINX mobile application was released in the Apple App Store and Androids Google Play Store and received tremendous success.

In June of 2014 we released version 1.2 of the application with an enhanced reporting section as well as leaderboard based gamification features. In order to achieve heavy user interaction and adoption, it was a key component to ensure that, regardless of position and seniority, every representative has the ability to be featured on a leaderboard in one way or another; this builds competence and encourages further interaction with the application and subsequently, representatives performing actions to grow their business.

With the ability to add and manage contacts, generate necessary reports, view educational training material and track their overall progress, 5LINX representatives truly had everything they needed to successfully run their business from their mobile phones.

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