MetroMattress Migration to AWS Cloud Delivers PCI Compliance, Peace of Mind 

Success Story

MetroMattress teamed up with ITX to upgrade its retail hosting infrastructure. Our production support team delivered a comprehensive solution – the centerpiece being migration of their physical servers to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment. The AWS platform delivered the peace of mind MetroMattress required: PCI compliance, 4x more frequent back-ups, 10% cost reduction, and on-demand server scalability. 

Meet The Brand

MetroMattress is Upstate NY’s largest mattress specialty retailer. For more than 40 years, across its nearly 50 stores, the company has been in the business of delivering restful sleep at the lowest possible prices. MetroMattress understands how important peace of mind truly is.


Migrate physical servers to the AWS cloud environment; upgrade retail system infrastructure to ensure PCI compliance, provide enhanced control and risk management, and reduce cost. 


ITX’s production support team conducted extensive discovery to articulate a clear assessment of the challenge. After comprehensive planning with the client, we performed a rapid, seamless implementation of MetroMattress’ retail system infrastructure to the AWS cloud environment.

Understand The Challenge

  • Windows 2008 platform reached “end of life” status; deemed out of support by Microsoft®
  • Increased business risk: non-supported systems threaten PCI compliance
  • Slow recovery following server failure / data corruption
  • Physical servers limit portability
  • High monthly costs to support data back-up, manual code redeployment

Implement Targeted Solutions

  • Migration to the AWS Cloud –
  •  Improved system performance and enhanced backup architecture
  •  Facilitated planned upgrade to Windows 2019 and state-of-the-art Citrix security
  •  Leveraged AWS’s on-demand function to provide system scalability that adapts to server processing load

Results Of Migration to AWS Cloud

  • Reduced client monthly costs by 10%
  • Full system snapshots 4x per day vs. overnight backup, moving the RPO from 24 to 6 hours
  • Moving from tape to snapshots reduced the RTO from 3 days to 4 hours
  • Client-approved migration within 2 weeks of “go live”
  • Peace of mind: PCI compliance, superior operational performance, automated code redeployment



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