Social Science Research Network

Mobile Application

Social Science Research Network (SSRN) is devoted to the rapid distribution of scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities fields. In 2000, ITX began its now 14-year-and- counting relationship with SSRN because of their need for a diverse technology partner. Since our first initial engagement, we have launched countless code posts and are constantly making software enhancements for this organization.

Our latest project with SSRN was creating a mobile application, iSSRN, through which users can sign in, search for specific papers and view MyPapers,

MyBriefcase and other personal information within their SSRN HQ account. iSSRN also allows users to easily share various articles via social media with fellow researchers. The ITX team built various web services that ensure users obtain immediate access to SSRN data in a secure way.

Over the last decade, SSRN has
grown with the latest technology trends. With the addition of the iSSRN mobile application, this organization continues to find different ways to provide an inspiring experience for its users.

“With the growth and maturity of the team and the quality of the finished product produced, I have been very impressed with what the team has done.

Gregg Gordon, Social Science Research Network