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OSX Mail Setup

How to setup Mac OSX with ITX Mail

  1. Start by opening up the Macintosh Mail program
  2. Select the Mail menu from the top navigation bar, and then select Preferences
  3. In the Accounts window, click Add Account in the upper right-hand corner of this window
  4. Select the Account Information tab
  5. Click on the Account Type pull-down menu and select POP
  6. In the Description field, enter a brief description that will help you quickly identify this e-mail account
  7. Enter your full e-mail address (including the suffix) into the Email Address field
  8. In the Full Name field, enter the name you would like your recipients to see in the From field of e-mails that you send
  9. Type your incoming mail server. This is ''
  10. In the User Name field, enter your full e-mail address again (including the suffix)
  11. Enter the password for this e-mail account into the Password field
  12. Select the Outgoing Mail Server pull-down menu. If you have no servers added yet, select Add Server. If you have an outgoing server set-up already that you’d like to edit, select the server name using the pull-down menu and then click the Options button found immediately beneath the menu
  13. Type your Outgoing Mail Server. This is ''
  14. Set the Outgoing Server Port to 2525
  15. Under the Authentication pull-down menu, select Password
  16. Next, enter your username (i.e. your full e-mail address) into the User Name field, followed by your password in the Password field
  17. Click OK to close this window and continue setting up your mail
  18. Now, select the Advanced tab
  19. Click the Enable this Account check box. This will allow you to be able to send and receive mail on this account.Make sure that the incoming mail port is set to 110 and that the Authentication field is set to Password
  20. Click OK to complete setting up your e-mail

You have now configured your email client to work with the ITX mail hosting service. If you are unable to send and receive mail, please step through the configuration process again to confirm that all the settings are correct. If you are still having problems, you can contact the ITX Production Support team from 8am to 8pm, Mon-Fri, at 1.800.600.7785, or click here to fill out a help desk request form.