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Whitelisting Self-Enrollement

ITX has officially implemented a self-enrollment system which can allow senders to whitelist themselves in the ITX spam filtering system. This enables a valid sender who is unable to send mail to an ITX mailbox the ability to override the spam filter, yet still allows the recipient the ability to reject mail from that user if they are truly a spammer.

The system involves several steps:

  1. When a user's email is rejected, a rejection message is provided to the user, explaining the cause of the delivery failure. That message also provides direction to the sender to go to our whitelisting implementation page.
  2. This web page allows the sender to "enroll" themselves as a valid human sender to a particular recipient, by placing their email address and the email address of their intended recipient in the page. They then validate that they are "human" through the use of a CAPTCHA form
  3. After a short (5-minute) delay, that user's email address will be whitelisted for that recipient. The recipient is notified of the whitelisting function and receives a link to a blacklisting form, which would allow the recipient to block additional emails from that sender

The implementation of this filter is another step in ITX's attempt to provide a spam-free work environment for our users, while still allowing those who are using the system to get the email that they need.

If you need assistance, please contact the ITX Production Support team from 8am to 8pm, Mon-Fri, at 1.800.600.7785, or click here to fill out a help desk request form.