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Technical Service Guide

Your Guide to our Technical Services

Whenever you need technical assistance, the ITX team is only a toll free call away: 1.800.600.7785. Within 60 minutes (during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm EST), a skilled ITX service technician will assess your situation and schedule the appropriate service – quickly and cost-effectively. If your need is not urgent, you may send an email to at any time.

ITX OnDemand

For after-hours situations, ITX OnDemand service will resolve your unexpected and urgent issues. Our extensive knowledge base contains procedural, support, and product documentation specific to your company. Armed with this vital information, our trained Support Engineers provide immediate remediation of your resources to get your business back on track.

ITX OnDemand coverage hours are from 5:00 pm to 8:00 am weekdays and on weekends from 5:00 pm Friday to 8:00 am EST Monday. To help us better assist you, please have the following ready when you call:

  • Error information (memory address, module, error number or other information provided by the software)
  • Any information regarding recent changes to the system or actions taken prior to the incident
  • A brief explanation of what you are trying to accomplish
  • The result that you wish to achieve

How We Answer Your Service Call

To ensure that your most critical technical situations are addressed promptly, ITX prioritizes technical service requests:

  • Urgent requests – when a customer experiences a system failure leading to a severe obstruction of daily activities, costing time and money (turnaround time: 24 hours, depending upon specific part availability). ITX has premier accounts with many vendors; however we are limited to any availability restrictions they may have
  • High priority requests – when a system is functional but efficiency is greatly reduced or a workaround is required (turnaround time: 48 hours)
  • Normal priority requests – when there is no interruption of your business processes, but you wish to improve your system utilization (turnaround time: as scheduled)

Scheduling Service Appointments

All non-emergency appointments are scheduled in advance by our dispatch center (1.800.600.7785), where you may request a specific employee to handle your service call. Consulting, training, or other non-emergency appointments are assigned specific time frames appropriate to the requested task.

Remote Support

An important part of the ITX process is the utilization of remote support services to efficiently address certain technical problems. Dial-up or Internet access tools such as PC Anywhere and VNC, Terminal Services, VPN Connections or Citrix client, provide a faster way to address your technical issues – reducing your support costs.

Proactive Monitoring

ITX believes that the best way to avoid critical situations is to identify potential problems before they disrupt your business. Using network-monitoring tools, we monitor your servers for uptime, http, dns, ftp and other network services to quickly resolve potential problems.

Billing and Billing Rates

ITX bills its service customers on an hourly rate:

  • On-site service calls during our regular business hours that require less than one hour round-trip of travel time are subject to a 1-hour minimum charge, plus resource expenses and travel charges
  • On-site calls that require more than one hour round-trip of travel time are subject to an 8-hour minimum charge, plus resource expenses
  • On-site calls are billed for actual time in 30-minute increments, although minimum charges will apply, as expressed above. Remote services are charged for actual time in 15-minute increments

For detailed information on billing rates and remote service options, please contact your Account Representative.


Technical service for your hardware or software may be covered under warranty if you purchased that product through ITX. Please consult your original sales contract or invoice to determine if you have warranty coverage.

Each new ITX-published software package may include a technical service subscription that may include software maintenance, software updates, supplemental training, and technical support.

Your Technical Liaison

It is important to designate a liaison person within your company. Your liaison will be responsible for all contact with ITX and for relaying any information about errors, changes, and updates to you and your staff. Your ITX technical liaison should have technical knowledge and experience with your system and should be authorized to engage us to perform service work.

This technical liaison program will reduce redundant technical calls and related costs by disseminating recent system changes and solutions to common problems to your staff.

NOTE: The information provided here describes the level of service to which ITX aspires. It does not constitute a contract nor any promise on the part of ITX to fulfill these standards. Under no circumstances will ITX be responsible for any damages arising from its failure to meet these standards.