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User Experiences that Inspire

Experiences, not features, are what Move, Touch and Inspire people.

Technology can no longer be separated from brand identity. The experiences your customers have with your technology is often their first impression of your company. At that moment, it is your brand. A good technology team can meet the specifications they are given and achieve a successful experience, but often something is still missing. We have all navigated to the web site or opened an app of a well-known company and been instantly underwhelmed. That disappointing experience becomes part of the company’s brand. That’s not the vision the company had for themselves. ITX will help you define your vision and deliver it to your audiences in the form of inspiring user experiences.

It is simply not enough to meet a specification anymore. That’s why it’s so important to design useful, engaging and beautiful web sites and applications while instilling the concepts of Move, Touch and Inspire into every technology experience you produce. Our design process creates experiences that customers want to feel over and over.

The ability to Move, Touch and Inspire is essential to building a valuable brand.

Move: We all know right away when something is beautiful and our gut tells it’s trustworthy. When your web site is instantly memorable, recognizable and beautiful, your customers will consistently feel connected to you. That’s brand recognition.

Touch: When you design an experience that adds value to people’s lives through simplicity, clarity and accessibility, users become attached to it. That’s brand loyalty.

Inspire: A truly successful experience is when the people who use your solutions on a regular basis recommend you or brag about you to their colleagues and peers and take your technology with them throughout their lives. That’s brand advocacy.