ITX is a strategic partner from the beginning. Let us help you evolve your:

  • Mobile/Web Apps and Online Tools
  • Mobile/Web Design and Development
  • Web Portals
  • Content Management Systems, focusing on DNN and Sitecore
  • Custom Programming

Turn your entire technology strategy into your competitive advantage.

Through our collaborative approach, we make the complex simple by bringing best practices, ideas and technology to the table that will maximize your investments and turn your customers into brand advocates.

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Turn Your Technology into Your Competitive Advantage


Our consultants work with you to understand the needs of your business and help you steward your resources to develop the right technology solution into something that is worthy of your brand.

Unsure of where to begin? Start with strategy. ITX's One Day Strategy Workshop is engineered to help you determine the best technology solutions that will propel your organization into success. Creating a new Website or mobile application, or updating your API or content management system (CMS) is not enough, you must have a clear idea on how this technology will build brand advocates and increase bottom line of your business.

Does your organization have a technology strategy, but the current solution lacks in overall user experience? You must take two types of users into consideration. The end user. Does the overall design and usability of your technology enhance the experience of those key customers who will be interacting with it? The technology's administrator. Your solution's content management system must be easy to use and easy for the administrator to update. What's the use of curating great information for your target audience if it can't be easily provided to those individuals?

Your technology must be secure, scalable, usable, supportable, functional, and aligned to your business. Technology can make everyday tasks easier, but only when it works. It is imperative to work with a technology partner that allows you to focus on your business and customers rather than your technology’s infrastructure. Maintaining the integrity of your systems will enhance your advantage over those of your competitors.

Give us a call at 1.877.926.7702, or fill out the form above to let us know the best way to reach you. Our consultants are excited about starting a conversation regarding your technology, at no cost to you. We are certain that this will be the spark that helps you take your technology to the new level.

With the growth and maturity of the team and the quality of the finished product produced, I have been very impressed with what the team has done.

Gregg Gordon,
Social Science Research Network