Let ITX be your strategic partner from the very start by guiding your organization on the path to continuous innovation.

We are experts in taking technology to the next level and solving challenging problems ranging from:

  • API Development
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Web and Mobile Software Development
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Product Road-mapping and KPI Analysis
  • Architecture Assessment
  • UX/UI Design


"Working with ITX as a partner has allowed us to grow farther, faster, and better than we could possibly imagine. More than a vendor or service provider, ITX is an innovative creative partner."  

Brian Harrington,
University of Rochester School of Nursing

Interested in turning your next technology solution into your organization’s latest competitive advantage? We make the process of preserving and implementing new technology solutions clearer and more-achievable by providing your team with a personalized strategy roadmap. Gain clarity on goals and initiatives, along with alignment from key decision makers that will be able to establish the best course of action for your organization.

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Turn Your Technology into Your Competitive Advantage

Unsure of where to begin? Start with strategy. ITX's One Day Product Innovation Workshop is engineered to help you determine the best technology solutions that will propel your organization into success. Creating a new digital product? You must have a clear idea on how this technology will build brand advocates and increase bottom line of your business.

Your technology must be secure, scalable, usable, supportable, functional, and aligned to your business. Technology can make everyday tasks easier, but only when it works.